Source Package Format 2.0

Chapter 6 - Substitution Variables

6.1 Variable Names

Variable names may only consist of uppercase and lowercase Latin letters, digits, and hyphens. Names must be at least one character long. (A regular expression for this is [A-Za-z0-9-]+.)

6.2 Variable Substitutions

Variable substitutions are performed on certain source and binary control field values, as explained in § 5.

The format for variable substitutions is as follows:


<var-name> is the name of the variable.

6.3 Special Variables

The following substitution variables shall be set:

6.4 Defining Substitution Variables

Substitution variables may be defined in a file called substvars. See § 4.1 for the format of this file.

Names must conform to the requirements outlined in § 6.1. Values may be comprised of multiple lines, and empty lines at the beginning and end of each substitution variable value shall be removed.